Monday, May 5, 2008


I am happy to report that the fitness contract worked! It immediately curbed my sugar addiction by forcing me to think and eat consciously. I am now in a different phase... I am enjoying going out to drink quite a bit too much and am working on that.

Working out is never the problem for me but food definitely is the issue. Now I know that the drinks I am consuming, though better for me than beer or margaritas, are still high in calories. My drink of choice.....CRANBERRY AND VODKA! Great choice for a lower calorie option of cocktail but no idea what kind of cranberry they are using, probably the cheapest kind with added sugar and much high fructose corn syrup.

Also, when we drink, we usually eat more and lose our inhibitions with good food choices. I tend to make poorer food choices when I have been drinking but I don't necessarily eat a lot of extra calories. Yes, yes I recognize that I am now justifying, but it is so much fun to meet with the girls after work (only if I've had my lift for the day, preferably right before happy hour...will explain in a later post about post-workout nutrition) and enjoy a HAPPY HOUR!

This is an old picture but it will have to do since I do not have a functioning camera or a photographer at the present. I do find it necessary to mention that the above picture was not taken at happy hour nor is that a cranberry vodka in my hand. It was ON VACATION! So I am excused for having a number of fabulous beach-side sugar delights. I do think it is okay to enjoy life and indulge at times. My problem is that I have a problem turning off the switch. I tend to go for 6 months hard core....eating right all the time, with my one free day a week to recharge my metabolism and then I get tired. I go on vacation or work gets crazy and I start to skip eating well, and the days turn into weeks and before I know it 3 months have passed......

That is my new this way with balance. Part of my contract is to be balanced and to do this for life. I am working towards not being neurotic and overly obsessed. I have a problem with seeing a goal and wanting to work towards it all or nothing. I need to incorporate healthy eating into my life in a moderate way. It's probably a bad idea to "eat clean" all the time for me because I go over board.

Like everything in my's a journey and I am learning about myself and how hard this is for me. I am working towards BALANCE.




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For me, this blog is a great place for me to document my fitness journey. I decided to compete this year, but have transferred that goal to next year so that I can bulk and compete in Figure. This blog is my accountability and hopefully I can get some advice and tips along the way. I am hoping that I can learn from you all also as I post what I am learning along the way. If I am wrong or there is advice for me, I want it! I want your theories. What are you doing differently?

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