Saturday, January 31, 2009

How to choose a gym

There are a few great articles on regarding choosing a gym. Here are a few facts though for you to consider when trying to choose a gym to reach your fitness goals. They are numbered but re-rank them in order of what is important to you.

1. Location - If it's too far away, will you go? Is it close to work or home? When do you go most often, on your way home from work or home? What if you change jobs or move?

2. Membership costs - What do you get for that cost? What are the initial fees? What are the monthly fees?

3. Cancellation Policy / Contact - What happens if you move? How long are you contracted?

4. Extra Services - Tanning included? Massage services? Hot Tub, Steam Room or Sauna? Nutritionist? Trainers? Smoothies? Protein shakes?

5. Hours - This was huge to me, because the limited hours were killing me on the weekends.

6. Classes - Do you love spin classes or yoga? Check for those classes at your new gym

7. Cleanliness and upkeep - Are the machines maintained for safety? Are all of the facilities clean?

8. Type and quality of equipment - Exactly the reason we are "leaving" our base gym (and many others left as well). Look at all of the equipment. Do they have what you need?

9. Crowding - Go at your usual time. If you're a gym-goer at the busiest times of the day especially, go and make sure that you can get on the equipment at those times. What good is your gym if you can't use the equipment while you're there?

10. Ambiance / Atmosphere - It is true that the architecture and decor of any room makes us feel good or bad. Do you feel good there? Are you comfortable enough to get a good workout in EVERY day??!! Try it out. Do you WANT to go back?

11. Child care / Nursery - What age do they take babies? If you think you might have children during the time of that contract. Some nurseries take babies at 6 weeks, others three months! There's a big difference when you're trying to get back into the gym and lose that baby weight!

12. Membership demographic - This matters more to some than others.

**Always try out a gym before you join. I think you should work out for at least a week, on a normal week there to see how it works in your life**

Anytime Fitness

Well, folks, I joined a new gym. We have worked out on base for years because it's free and usually it's the best gym in the area. Recently, though, our gym on base replaced all of its machines with some off-brand CRAP! And, our base is over 25 minutes from our home one way so, we went gym shopping and we chose the gym that's only 2 miles from our house!!!!

Anytime Fitness works out really well for me when I travel also because there is a gym just about anywhere I travel. I also loved that on the weekends, it's Anytime!!! Our base gym and most gyms are only open from 10-5 on Sat/Sun and that just doesn't work. I was starting to count how many workouts I was missing due to those times. And, just one is too many! So, these perks were worth it. There's also free tanning at mine, but I haven't done any tanning because my dermatologist warned against it.

To check out an Anytime Fitness near you....

JOURNAL: 1.24.09 - 1.30.09 Week 1 Bulking

This blog post is dedicated to Sara Hurrle for being so nice about me using her pic for my blog header!!

This is the just beginning of my decisions. I had a decision to make between Bikini and Figure. I was given the same advice by almost everyone, that I was too small for Figure, but that I could obviously get on stage. For me, it's not just about getting on stage, it's about getting on stage when I'm ready to get on stage. I want to be confident that I'm presenting a good package before I get on stage. I also don't want to compete in Bikini, at least that's my decision today. I might change my mind and decide that this new journey I'm on to pack on the muscle is too much work and too tough and taking up too much of my life with no fun anymore and decide that Bikini was created for people like myself...who knows! At this point, I am planning on spending many months to a year or more bulking to compete at the end of 2009 at the earliest. Again, I may change my mind, but that is my decision at this point. I have also been struggling with whether to do this on my own or to hire a coach to assist me in this who knows more about this than I do and can personalize a program for me...stay tuned for my decision......

Saturday 1.24.09

915: 3whites, 1yolk, 1/4 c oatmeal
1030: coffee
1230: 3oz tilapia, 50g rice, salad
200: hydroxycut max (2)
400: 3oz tilapia, 40g rice, broccoli
700: Natural peanut butter & organic jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread
(still getting over being sick so this was day one of eating more normally)

Sunday 1.25.09
Water: almost a gallon
830: 6 whites, 1yolk, 1/2c oatmeal, 500mg c, 150 b complex, 1hydroxy max
900: coffee
1200: 5.5 oz tilapia, 100g brown rice, salad
315: 6oz chicken, salad, 100g brown rice
430: 1hydrox, 150b, 500c, 3000 amino,
630: 40g protein shake, berries
830: 40g casein Protein
TOTALS: 190g protein

Monday 1.26.09
Water: 1.5 gallons
745: 8 whites, 1yolk, 1/2c oatmeal, 150b, 50c, 1hydroxymax
900: coffee
1030: 5 oz beef, 110g brown rice, salad
1200: 1hydro max, 3000 amino
1220: EAS
230: 6 oz chicken, 100g rice, 2c broccoli, 3000 amino
615: 6 oz chicken, salad
830: 40g casein protein

Tuesday 1.27.09
Water: 1 gallon
715: 1/4c oatmeal, 6 egg whites,
915: 1b, 1c, 1h, 6 oz tilapia, 50g brown rice, salad
1230: 6 oz fish, 50g rice, 2c broccoli
400: 6 oz chicken, 50g rice, salad, 3000 amino, 500c
800: 40g casein protein

Wednesday 1.29.09
Water: 1 gallon
800: 8egg whites, 1yolk, 1/2 c oatmeal, 500c, 150b, 1hydroxycut max
900: coffee
1020: 2 oz chicken, 25g rice, green beans,3000 amino
100: fruit Smoothie 40g whey protein
215: hydro, l glut, c,b
330: 6 oz tilapia, 100g rice, salad
630: 3 oz tilapia, 2.5oz chicken, 100g rice, 1c brocoli

Thursday 1.29.09
Water: 1 gallon
800: 40g whey protein, 1/2c oatmeal,
900: coffee, 150B, 500C, 1hydro
1130: EAS
1230: 50g fruit shake
300: 1/2c Cott cheese
400: 40g protein salmon, 100g rice,
815: protein shake20g casein
I want a do over for today!

Friday 1.30.09
Water: 1 gallon
900: 6whites, 1yolk, 1/2c oatmeal, coffee, 500c, 150b, 1hydro
1200: 6 oz salmon, 100g rice, salad, 1t olive oil and balsamic
300: 3000 amino, 150b, 500c, 1hydro
315: 3 oz salmon, 50g rice
600: 50g fruit shake
730: 2 packs reeves peices, 1/2 c cottage cheese
930: 40g casein protein

WORKOUT - No more supersetting; Low reps
Sunday 1.25.09 - Delts / Tris
Delt DB Press - 20/10, 25/6, 25/4, 25/5, 25/5
Standing Lat Raise - 15/5, 15/5, 12/8, 12/10, 12/8
BB Upright Row - 50/10, 60/4, 50/8, 50/8, 50/8
Rear Delt Mach - 50/8, 50/5, **hurt L shoulder so stopped
Tri Pushdown V Bar - 80/10, 80/8, 80/6, 80/5, 80/8
Skullcrushers - 40/5, 40/8, 40/7, 40/7, 50/4
Tri Rope Overhead Ext - 60/4, 60/6, 60/8, 60/8, 60/8
TOTALS: 475 cal, 50 min.

Monday 1.26.09 - Legs
Seated Leg Curl - 70/8, 90/6, 90/5, 110/5, 110/ 5
Seated Leg Ext - 110/7, 130/9, 150/6, 150/5, 170/4
Leg Press (feet high) - 90/8, 110/6, 140/5, 140/5
Deep Smith Squats - 90/5, 140/5, 140/5, 140/5
Smith Split Squats - 90e/5, 90e/5, 90e/4
Stiff Leg Deadlifts BB on platform (deep) - 60/8, 70/6, 80/6, 80/6
TOTALS: 450 cal, 1:10 time

Wednesday 1.28.09 - Back, Abs w/ Partner (WOOHOO!)
Bent Over Row BB underhand grip - 50/10, 60/10, 60/10, 60/9
Assisted Close Grip Pull Ups - 85/10, 70/10, 60/6, 45/3, 55/5, 50/3
Wide Grip Pull Downs - 70/10, 85/8, 85/10, 85/10
Close Grip Row - 55/10, 70/10, 55/10, 55/10 **form - no leaning back!
BB Bicep Curl - 30/8, 30/8, 20/10, 20/10 **form - no cheating
Abs on Ball - 7.5 lb DB - 25 center, 25 left, 25 right
Straight Leg Lifts - 6, 6, 5, 6, 5
TOTALS: 600 calories

Thursday 1.29.09 - Chest
Bench Press - 0bar/12, +20/8, +30/3, +30/4, +30/4
Decline DB Press - 20e/12, 25e/10, 30e/7, 30e/6
DB Flies on Flat Bench (deep) - 15e/8, 15e/8, 20e/5, 20e/5
Incline DB Press - 20e/7, 20e/7, 25e/3, 25e/2
HIIT Cardio afterward for 15 min on treadmill
TOTAL: 270 cal, 40 min.

Friday 1.30.09 - D
elts, Abs
Delt DB Press - 25e/8, 25e/8, 25e/7, 25e/7
Seated Lat Raise - 12e/8, 12e/8, 12e/8, 12e/8, 15e/4
Seated Ft Raise - 12e/10, 20/5, 20/6, 20/4, 20/5
Rear Delt Mach - 50/5, 60/4, 60/4, 50/6, 50/5
BB Upright Rows - 50/6, 50/6, 50/5, 50/5
TOTALS: 320 cal

Saturday 1.31.09 - Quads w/ partner (WOOHOO!)
Squat - bar/15, +40/10, +50/8, +70/8, +50/10 (w/ heels elevated)
Bench Step up - 0/15, 0/15, +30/8, +30/5
Leg Extension - 135/8, 120/8, 120/8, 120/8
Singles Leg Ext - 45e/6, 45e/6, 45e/7
Leg Press - 160/8, 250/4, 210/8, 210/8
TOTALS: 475 cal

Not sure why, but I went a little more emo this week with my workout music. Didn't need a pump so much as a mental reminder that I'm the shit. Not sure if that makes any sense to an youf you.

Blog Redesign

Welcome to my new blog...not really. It's still the same blog with a different look and hopefully a new "feel." I've been trying to decide what to do these last few weeks and you've all been with me through my journey of trying to decide if I want to compete, and if then that I'm too small, and then through my decision of Bikini now or bulk for Figure later. I've decided so stay tuned for my be revealed in about a week. In the meantime, welcome to my new blog!

Above is Sara Hurrle, who you see above on my header. She is a top NPC competitor and she is also a yoga instructor in Denver, Co.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

JOURNAL: 1.18.09 - 1.24.09 SICK GIRL!!!

This was an awful week folks! I was sick, sick, sick and I'm not sure why. I'm not sure if it was the Vitamin C that I started taking, stress, or something I ate. It could have been a "bug" too. I'm just not sure. I did throw up three times though so my carb cycling was off, though I tried to eat pretty clean. I was just eating what I could to not be nauseous. No, I'm not pregnant, people!

I did spend the week talking to friends and trying to get an idea of what my plan should be for the year?

A. Stay lean, work out, cut the fat and get on stage in Bikini this year in 15 weeks.
B. Quit cutting, start eating and bulking and try to build as much muscle as I can this year to compete next year.

I'm really leaning toward Option B. I really would like to see a change in my physique by getting leaner, but as small as I am I think I'll just disappear and I don't want to be skinny. I want to be "buff." So, I think it'll take a lot of work. For me, it'd probably be easier to do the cutting than the bulking because I hate to eat that much!!!

I weigh 145 lbs (I'm 5'8'') so that's a lot of weight. If I am to eat 1.5g of protein per pound, that's around 200g of protein a day (on my workout days)!!!

TENTATIVE PLAN: muscle growth & development --- HELP WANTED!!!!
****Please, ladies, give me some feedback and advice!!!! What do you think???****

Workout days:
Eat 220 g of protein daily. Add in 1/4-1/2 cup of carbs (brown rice, yams, etc). Add in green fibrous carbs to each meal.
Protein shakes before and possibly after workout. Casein protein before bed
Off days
Eat 150 g of protein daily plus same carbs, on the lower end. Eat less on off days.

Split of (1) Legs (2) Back (3) Chest (4) Legs (5) Shoulders, Arms
Lift heavy, 5x5 some days and other days 8 to 10 reps mostly to keep weight high
Cardio??? Only under 20 min of cardio keeping heart rate low, around 145 bpm to maintain muscle mass but to possibly increase hunger so that I can eat enough?
Take a day off in between workout days 2 & 3 or 3 & 4 and then after 5 for a break to rest and recoop.
Get at least 7 hours, up to 9 hours a night

Protein power
Hydroxycut Max
L- Carnatine and L-Glutamine
B Complex
Vitamin C
Thinking about these supps: (What do you think?)

I should add: BCAAs?
Anabolic Rush: Was recommended a pre/post-workout drink by Pauline Nordin. Not sure what I think of that yet because it has creatine.
Do I have to take creatine in order to see the gains I want???

Help is wanted. Please let me know what you think!!!

INSPIRATION: John Stutz Photo

Monica Brant

Monica Brant

Monica Brant

Monica Brant

Monica Brant

Monica Brant

Maggie Diubaldo

Jenny Lynn

Jenny Lynn

Jamie Eason

Jamie Eason

Jamie Eason???

John Stutz is one of my favorite photographers. He has done some beautiful work with some of my favorite fitness pros. Check out his website! I wish he would do a calendar. I know that he did just put out a book.

INSPIRATION: Fit Celebrities

P!NK usuallly has killer abs

This post is dedicated to buff Hollywood celebrities who have made a strong physique more popular and have chosen to be different than the norm in Hollywood...skinny fat. These celebrities look like they actually have to work out in order to maintain their lean and "buff" look.Jessica Biel is my favorite fit celebrity. I did a separate blog post about her

Evangeline Lilly, on LOST, also has a great physique.
I don't know if she works out but it looks like she must.
She's pretty lean and looks like she's in great shape.

Cameron Diaz

Jennifer Garner

Kelly Ripa

Lisa Rena

Jada Pinkett Smith

Mena Suvari


My favorite fit celebrity is Jessica Biel. She has the perfect "off season" body in my opinion. That is the ideal physique that I am seeking to have on a regular basis. She, even, struggles and like all of us looks different each month, depending on where she is her life and her workouts/eating habits. She does work hard for her body though as we can see in the many shots the paparazzi have taken of her working out.

Jessica Biel doing a track workout. Great for the glutes.
I really should take the time to plan some of these into my routine.
Jenny Lynn does them before her competitions to lean out her bottom half.

At the gym

Technical Difficulties

I am having issues with my blog as you can tell. There are no photos!!! My photobucket site when awry so I am having to switch to my day will be here getting my photos back on my blog. UGH!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

JOURNAL: Week 2 carb cycling 1.11.09-1.17.09

Pauline Nordin

FOOD - Carb Cycling Week 2
Sunday 1.11.09 - Low Carb Day 1
830am: 6 egg whites, 1 yolk, 1/4 c. oatmeal, 1.5 cups coffee with 2T creamer
1230am: 2 oz beef, 50g yam, salad w/ 1/2T olive oil and balsalmic
230pm: 40g GNC protein
500pm: 40g GNC protein, Fiber One bar (totally forgot about carb cycling at this point....That bar put me at about 60g carbs so I'm in the medium carb range)
730pm: Tuna can, salad, 20g GNC protein

Monday 1.12.09 - Low Carb Day 2
730am: 6 egg whites, 1 yolk, 1/4 c. oatmeal, 1 Thermo Burst
1150am: 3.5 oz chicken, salad, 50g yam
115pm: 3 Thermo, 1 L Carn
200pm: 20g GNC protein
300pm: 1/4c pecans, 1/8c. raisins, 40g GNC protein
500pm: 4 0z chicken, 2 c spinach

Tuesday 1.13.09 - Low Carb Day 3
730am: 6egg whites, 1yolk, 1/4c oatmeal
800am: coffee and 1T creamer
1045am: 1c cottage cheese
130pm: 4 oz chicken, 50g yam, 2c spinach
430pm: eas shake
600pm: salad with 1/2 T olive oil and balsamic
630pm: 40g GNC protein
800pm: 4oz salmon. Broccoli

Wednesday 1.14.09 - High Carb Day 1
600am: 1/2pack nature valley bar, 4 egg whites, 1yolk, 1/2c oatmeal
920am: Cott cheese 15 wheat thins
100pm: 5 oz chicken, 100g brown rice, salad
300pm: coffee
500pm: 4 oz chicken, 100g brown rice, salad
630pm: EAS

Thursday 1.15.09 - High Carb Day 2
630am: 6 egg whites, 1yolk, 1/2 c oatmeal
800am: 1c coffee
1030: 5oz chicken, 100g rice, salad
1230pm: 3 Thermo 1 LCarn, EAS
230: homemade fruit Smoothie
500: 5 oz chicken, 100g rice, 2c spinach
645: 1/4c pecans, 1T raisins

Friday 1.16.09 - High Carb Day 3
630: 6 whites, 1yolk, 1/2 c oatmeal
800: coffee
930: 40 g protein, nature valley bar
100: 5 oz steak, 100g rice, salad
**My dog ended up having surgery on this date and my husband and I were emotionally exhausted. We started our free day early and planned to end it early but I was so full on Saturday that I didn't eat a healthy dinner as planned**

WORKOUT - Hardgainer...tried 5x5 for my last 2 workouts and loved it!!!
Sunday 1.11.09 - Back & Delts
1. Smith Shoulder Press: +20/10, +30/6, +30/6, +30/4
1. Close Grip Pulldown: 110/12, 100/10, 100/7, 100/8
2. Pulldown (backward): 70/12, 80/8, 70/12, 70/10
2. Lat Raise DB: 10e/13, 10e/10, 10e/10, 10e/12
3. Cable Shoulder Pull IN 10e/8, 15e/8, 15e/8, 20e/8
3. Cable Shoulder Pull OUT 20e/8, 20e/8, 20e/6
4. Close grip pull down: 90/6, 80/10, 70/12
5. DB Shoulder Press: 20/12, 15/8, 25/6
TOTALS: 1 hour 10 min, 570 calories

Monday 1.12.09 - Glutes, Hams & Calves
1. Low Back Ext: 0/20, 0/20, 0/20, 0/20, 0/18
1. Leg Press w/ High Feet: 165/10, 165/10, 180/10, 195/10, 210/8 **start heavier
2. Good Mornings: 50/10, 50/10, 50/10, 50/10
2. Seated Calf Raise: 70/10, 70/10, 70/10, 80/10, 80/8
3. Straight Leg Deadlifts: 70/10, 70/8, 70/8
3. 1 Leg DB Standing Calf Raise: 40e/8, 40e/8
4. DB Squats: 35e/10, 40e/10, 40e/8
TOTALS: 1 hour, 400 calories

Thursday 1.15.09 - Chest, Back & Delts
1. 1 Arm Pulldown: 180/5, 200/5, 200/5, 180/5, 200/5
1. Lat Raise DB: 15e/5, 15e/5, 15e/5, 15e/5, 15e/5
2. Press Mach (plate-loaded): 70/5, 80/5, 80/5, 80/5, 70/5
2. DB Shoulder Press: 20/5, 25/5, 25/5, 25/5, 25/5
3. Upright Row Cable: 90/5, 80/5, 80/5, 80/5, 80/3 (neck hurt)
3. Pulldown w/ Med Grip, leaning back: 170/5, 160/5, 160/5, 160/5, 160/5
4. Close grip pulldown: 160/5, 170/5, 170/5, 160/5
4. DB Fly Flat Bench: 15e/6, 20e/5, 15e/5
TOTAL: 1 hour, 430 calories

Friday 1.16.09 - Quads & Abs
Leg Ext: 110/5, 130/5, 150/5, 150/5, 160/5, 160/5 (so heavy it hurt my shins)
Sissy Squats w/ DBs: +25e/5, +30e/5, +40e/4, +30e/4
Smith Bulgarian Lunges: +50/5, +70/5, +90/5, +90/5, +90/5
DB Squat w/elevated heel: +30e/5, +40e/5, +40e/5
Decline Abs 0/10, 0/10
(TMI, but I was cramping really badly this day so I quit on the abs)
TOTALS: 45 min, 300 calories

I need some new workout music. I have been putting my iPod on shuffle recently. I will search on iTunes today for some fresh tunes.


Pauline Nordin

This week, I did not take a progress pic. I will take them every two or three weeks. We had a rough week/weekend with our sick puppy and having to have him in the hospital for surgery. So, sometimes things ocme up and something has to give. In this case, progress pics weekly had to go so I'll try to take them every 2-3 weeks.

I asked Pauline Nordin for advivce this week and she gave me some!!! She has a line of products AST Sport Science and was willing to give me advice on supplements. She also looked at my progress pics for advice. I have to tell you I am a bit disappointed and also encouraged at the same time from all of hte help that I have recieved. There are so many competitors who have offered me advice and help. I am SO glad that I posted my progress pic becuase I'm getting a lot of great feedback and help, but I'm disappointed at what I'm hearing. Yes, I have the right shape and I'm "lean enough" to compete at 16 weeks out but I'm too tiny for figure right now :(

Again, I appreciate all of the help tremendously! I need the advice of seasoned competitors and bodybuilders to tell me where I'm at and give me advice to get where I want to go. But, I don't want to hear that! We don't always like the truth. I am also encouraged though because I know to get where I want to go, I have to build more muscle. I know what I need to do. I know that it's possible for me to compete and do it well, but I will have a lot of work ahead of me...not just cutting but building muscle as well.

Pauline gave me some great supplement advice and the "truth" that I am too small for figure right now. She also told me, like others have, to eat more! I'll have to eat more protein in order to gain the muscle I need. So, hopefull with her help and the help of others I will be able to put on the muscle mass needed to compete with the big dogs :)

I'm working now on trying to decide if I should go ahead and compete in Bikini this year or wai until I have built enough muscle mass to compete in Figure next year. I am not sure if I can truly build enough muscle if I am losing fat at the same time and carb cycling. So, if I am getting leaner or I get lean and stay lean, will I be able to put on as much muscle? I'm not sure. Also, do I know where I need to add muscle if I'm not leaning out. It's hard to think of adding more mass to my lower half when that is the hardest to lean out and that means I'll be going UP sizes of clothes if I don't lean out first. Any advice in this area is really helpful right now. Thank you all who are helping me out!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Before and during...not after

Is there ever an after? After for me will be on stage and then there will probably be another competition later that is another after. So, for now this is BEFORE and DURING....I have a lot more work to do. And, thank you to my friends who convinced me to put this online...SO SCARY!!!! You know who you are....

MUST HAVE: Food Scale & Measuring Cups

If you're eating healthy and still not losing weight or you're just not sure how much to be eating...or if you're just like me and you're OCD and need specific directions at all times to follow....MEASURE YOUR FOOD!

I LOVE my scale, it's above. I can measure in grams or ounces. It's helpful because some fitness gurus use the metric system so I can measure in both. I would have no idea how much 100g of yams is without my scale.

If you don't want to use or buy a scale, just use a measuring cup when measuring out your carbs. You can have as many green fibrous carbs as you want. You should be eating a palm-size piece of lean meat. The carbs though is where I see people using heaping spoonfulS of the rice or pasta.....SO if you're going to do nothing else, grab a measuring cup and measure out 1/2 cup of wheat pasta or brown rice tonight :)

MUST HAVE: Coolers, Cooler Packs, Tupperware...

Today, I had to go out in the field for the day, so I packed my meals and yes, I ate them cold...true dedication. :) I honestly never thought I'd do that!! Never!! I have coolers of all sizes and I think you should too; that's why I'm doing this post. This wasn't enough space to put all of my food for the day so I packed my snacks in a separate, much smaller cooler. I love the cooler/freezer packs. They work really well...

I have coolers of all sizes. I travel with my job so when I'm gone for a week, I have a really large cooler I pack with all of my food, all six meals a day. I know some of you will be faced with a time where you have to go out of town, for the day or the week and you can be a freak and take your food or you can be "normal" and eat like everyone else...looking and feeling like everyone else. I plan for a "free" day so that I can be a bit normal at times, but I don't want to be "normal" because I am not average...I am exceptional. I feel I have been given the gifts to be great at whatever it is that I choose to do or have the drive to do. I don't let myself give up or go easy on myself because I feel like I have to give it my all if I'm going to do something. The post about being average is for another day....

As I've said before on this blog, with the up's of working really hard, I usually fall down and fall off the wagon at times as I'm sure all of you can relate. I HOPE this time will be different. I realize that for it to be different I have to remember that the fight is never over to be better, work harder and live a healthy and happy life. For me, I have to be in shape to be happy and to feel healthy and to get the most out of life. I thank you all for your help with this and I didn't mean to get into a rant about all of this with the cooler.

MY POINT is that this all takes planning. If you plan your meals on your "diet" days then you will not get the chance to think about how hungry you are and WHAT you want to eat, just that it is TIME to eat again and you'll go to your cooler for your next meal. It is important not to get too hungry or you may lose your willpower to eat right.

Cooler and water in the front seat with me

MUST READ: Body For Life

This was my first book on nutrition, exercise and health and it's the BEST book on the subjects for those who are seasoned as well as those who are just starting out. It is extremely motivating and it gives the tools necessary to DO IT! There are tons of people who have done it...what better way to convince yourself that YOU CAN DO IT??!! The information on HOW to do it, both including exercise and nutrition is in this guide.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

INSPIRATION: I push myself....

I liked this ad and thought I'd share it. I know some of you can relate to being treated like a freak for your fitness and nutrition dedication. It's always nice to have a reminder that there are other freaks out there pushing themselves daily as well. This is a neat statement. I dig it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

INSPIRATION: Calendar 2009

I just ordered my calendar for 2009...a little late I know. I was trying to find one that would serve as a great inspiration calendar for my first year of competitions for my office. Oxygen magazine put out a great one in 2006 I think but they haven't done one since that I know of. There are a few fitness pros that put out calendars but a lot of their stuff is ultra-sexy and I'm not looking for an exotic calendar but one with other fitness pros on stage to keep me motivated for my goal! So, I made my own. I used apple b/c I'm a mac person. It's really easy and the quality is fantastic on those. It was almost $27 with shipping and tax. I also got an email this morning though that is doing a 20% off sale on calendars so if you're interested in making your own....type in "calendar" at checkout.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I hope that this blog serves many purposes for me and for you.

I want to inspire others the way I have been inspired to start or to continue any exercise, nutrition or health goal that you wan to set.

I also want to share with you the many years of research I have done on fitness and nutrition and what I am learning daily on both of those as well as on competitions.

This blog serves as a purpose for me, as well, though. I hope to LEARN from YOU! Please, please leave me comments if I am wrong. I want to learn from the research and knowledge that you have on these subjects as well. So, please don't be shy to tell me I'm wrong or to tell me your differing info. There are differing opinions on a lot of these subjects. And, we are all different so what may work for you may not work for me, but PLEASE SHARE WITH ME!!! Or link us to your blog where you have talked about these things.

I'm also looking for accountability to keep this up and inspiration from you all. I read your blogs and get inspired and knowing you're reading mine keeps me going!

I'm also enjoying having my journals online and easily accessible for me to look back. It's a GREAT tool! Also, now that I'm blogging weekly I can go back and look at my food choices and see my weakness and my body's cravings at different times and make changes for next week.

I have started taking progress pics and I have ordered my first POSING SUIT!!! I will blog about that too when I get it. I'm still nervous to put it on here. I'm still working through body issues and I still feel like I'm fat and not good enough. Will I ever be good enough? We'll see. But, hopefully with a little more progress, I will be able to add the weekly pics I am taking to these blogs so that you all can see.

Thank you for your support!!! Let me know if you have any special requests for blog posts!


This is my new background for my work computer. Keep in mind, I work from home, so rarely does anyone see it, BUT even when/if they's GREAT inspiration. I'm finding as I begin to commit to competing in Figure, the more people that know, the greater accountability I have and the greater push I have to keep it up! I also find that looking at my goal every day, both makes me happy and continues my motivation.

This is my new desktop background at work. You can find a ton of them and I'm even thinking, since I can't seem to find a fitness girls calendar that isn't made for men with extremely sexy images, I might make my own "calendar" printing out 2009 calendar images and then "wallpapers" and changing them monthly, or weekly or whenever I feel compelled. I'll let you know how it goes! has a Wallpaper of the Week. There is a complete archive also full of GREAT inspiration.

Mary Lado is fabulous! She started off winning and hasn't stopped yet! She is from New Orleans and she offers training....hmmmm might be worth $65 to spend on a training session the next time I'm down there for work.





About This Blog

I am Tori (FITori) and welcome to my blog!!!

I created this blog from the encouragement of my best friend who pushed me to start a blog about my passion, which I am always talking about! It started as a way to inspire others the way I have been inspired and to share what inspires me. I also want to share with you what I have learned through my years of research on health and fitness.

For me, this blog is a great place for me to document my fitness journey. I decided to compete this year, but have transferred that goal to next year so that I can bulk and compete in Figure. This blog is my accountability and hopefully I can get some advice and tips along the way. I am hoping that I can learn from you all also as I post what I am learning along the way. If I am wrong or there is advice for me, I want it! I want your theories. What are you doing differently?

I'm also looking for accountability to keep this up and inspiration from you all. I read your blogs and get inspired and knowing you're reading mine keeps me going!

Thank you for your support!!! Let me know if you have any special requests for blog posts!


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