Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's Never Too Late

I like this quote because I often look back and wonder what life would be like if I would have started this process earlier towards competition. But, that's the wrong attitude. The point is that I've started now! The point is that life is a journey and the tools that I'm learning daily will help me with the rest of my life. The point is that our lives are a plan and each day builds on the next and each part of life is an important part that prepares you for the next.

It's never too late to do what you've always dreamed of and be who you've always known yourself to be!!!!!





About This Blog

I am Tori (FITori) and welcome to my blog!!!

I created this blog from the encouragement of my best friend who pushed me to start a blog about my passion, which I am always talking about! It started as a way to inspire others the way I have been inspired and to share what inspires me. I also want to share with you what I have learned through my years of research on health and fitness.

For me, this blog is a great place for me to document my fitness journey. I decided to compete this year, but have transferred that goal to next year so that I can bulk and compete in Figure. This blog is my accountability and hopefully I can get some advice and tips along the way. I am hoping that I can learn from you all also as I post what I am learning along the way. If I am wrong or there is advice for me, I want it! I want your theories. What are you doing differently?

I'm also looking for accountability to keep this up and inspiration from you all. I read your blogs and get inspired and knowing you're reading mine keeps me going!

Thank you for your support!!! Let me know if you have any special requests for blog posts!


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