Thursday, August 27, 2009

Progress Update

7/11/09 * 8/27/09

7/11/09 * 8/27/09

I haven't done a before and after in a while. I don't see that many changes, but a's happening. I am a little pink from the tanning bed...trying to get tan for my big brother's wedding in a few weeks. We'll see if I can get tan enough by then! I am seeing a difference in my quad sweep/size on the side shots and I'm seeing my shoulders pop more and my waist a bit trimmer in the front shots. I feel like I just can't get the fat off my middle and lower half!!! I can't wait to see the finished product months down the road. I will be amazed I'm sure and feel like I'm in someone else's body - or maybe I feel like, finally, this is the body I always thought I had! I wonder when the cellulite will disappear! Ugh...I have a ways to go!!! I'll just keep trucking along!

I'm finally down to 151....After bulking I got up as high as 167, so I'm down to 151. Haven't moved the scale too quickly but I have seen changes in the way my clothes fit and inches. The last month or so I've lost 2 inches on my butt and an inch on my waist....not too much but noticeable. I still feel really strong in the gym and feel like I'm gaining strength/mass, definitely maintaining my hard-earned muscle and I'm still losing fat on top of that! So, I'm getting the best of both worlds...and I'm rarely hungry.

My back is getting a little better. I'm feeling much better than I was a month ago so it's healing...takes time!!!! Let's hope that's it for sports injuries for a while!

Thanks so much for all of your support!! I'm really excited about getting even leaner and I can't wait to see a 6 pack!


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Nikki T. September 9, 2009 at 6:38 PM  

If I didn't say so already--You're looking really good Tori! I can definitely see the changes in your hips and shoulders! Keep it up--I need your stamina and drive as motivation!!!




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